Concierge Primary Care

Premier Executive Health, P.C.

Our Mission is to provide health care in non-traditional settings.

A Board Certified Nurse Practitioner will provide primary health care at your office.

No more sitting in "waiting rooms" untill its your turn to see the provider.

Premier Executive Health provides the patient a unique way to access health care.

The Nurse Practitioner will interview, examine, diagnose and treat the patients medical condition and prescribe a medication, if needed to treat the patients medical diagnosis.

We use cutting edge health care technology to promote a higher level of care to our patients.

Our Elelectronic Medical Record (EMR) is web based which allows us to access and document your health record from any internet connected computer. This allows us 24 hour access to your medical record. We can access your record and evaluate your medical needs that arise after normal business hours.

We use e-prescribing which sends your presription to your pre-selected pharmacy providing you with a secure and efficient manner to recieve your medications.

Your health is important, don't let your busy lifestye interfere with your access to health care.

Premier Executive Health can provide primary health care personalized to your needs.

Once you become a patient of our practice you will have access to health care that is available when you need it. Your first appointment will be face to face with the Nurse Practitioner. Subsequent visits for health care can be done via electronic communication.