Concierge Primary Care

 Medical Services Available

Acute Minor Illness: Upper Respiratory Infection, Viral Syndromes, Cough, Sore Throat, Red Eyes/Crusty Eyes.

Urgent Primary Care: Fever, Productive Cough, Ear Ache, Toothache, Upper Back/Lower Back Pain

Preventive Health Maintenance: Annual Exams, Cholesterol Screening, Appropriate Laboratory studies to achieve your health goals, Comprehensive Physicals, Men's Health.

Aesthetic Medicine: Chemical Peels of the face to promote cellular regeneration to help fight the effects of aging. Mesotherapy to help the body rid itself of fatty deposits that tend to accumilate in different areas of the body in men and women.

Discrete Medical Care: Medical care in your office to maintain your privacy.

Mobile Medical Care: Primary Medical Care at your home, health club, or golf club. We have provided care in a varity of settings that the patient has choosen due to their active lifestyle.

Corporate Medical Care: We will come to your business and provide primary medical care for your employees. We can design a health plan for your company that promotes the best health for your employees.

Medical Consultation: We will exam a patients medical record and provide a complete evaluation and discussion regarding their medical diagnosis. We offer this service to patients who feel that they have not been included in their heath care decisions and are looking for someone to discuss their diagnosis in language that is not wraped up in medical jargon. 

Medical Referral: Patients who are diagnosed with a medical condition that requires further evaluation and treatment will be referred to an appropriate collaborating Physician. We have affiliations with Physicians and hospitals to provide the patient with a complete health care package. If your condition is crictical or serious we request that 911 be utilized or seek care at your local Emergency Department.