Concierge Primary Care

Premier Executive Health provides access to health care in a unique and pesonalized manner. Our rates reflect this unique health care delivery model. Appointments from 12am-7am are billed at a premium rate 

Nurse Practitioner Medical Exam at Your Location: $ 225

Traditional Office Visit: $ 75

Chemical Pee: $ 125

Mesotherapy: $ 200 per area

We provide services to all patients regardless of their insurance status. The patient is responsible for the cost of the visit at the time the service is provided. If the patient is covered by a health insurance our bill can be submitted to the patients insurance for reinbursment direct to the patient.

We use PayPay payment service as a convience to our pateints who provide us with a vaild email address. We will email you a bill for your medical exam that you pay with your credit card or paypal account.

Laboratory studies ordered to evaluate your medical condition will be billed to you by the performing Laboratory. Quest Labs is our perfered laboratory. Your lab results will be entered into your electonic medical record seemlessly when you use Quest Labs for your ordered tests.